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hoodoo conjure magick spell spells candle occult occultism witch witchcraft money prosperity rootwork: BLOCKBUSTER OIL RECIPE Orange Lemon Citronella small slices of orange peel a small skeleton key Mix Equal Parts of the EO's and dilute with the carrier oil of. Below is a great spell to use with my Blockbuster oil! Blockbuster oil is formulated to be a spiritual dynamite! To blow up what is standing of the way of your goal. Think of it as a metaphysical explosive: My oil is created with lemon zest, saltpetre, frankincense resin, cinnamon and clary sage essential oil. Perhaps one of our most popular hoodoo blends is our Blockbuster oil. It is the perfect product to use when one is in need of clearing away obstacles. Our Blockbuster Oil is ideal for creating new opportunities and opening new channels so you can move forward with your life. If you feel as though you simply can't make. Hoodoo Divination oil Evictus Oil Gambler's Luck Oil Recipe Go Away Oil Recipe Love me Oil Recipe protection oil recipes 5 versions florida water fiery wall of protection oil and powder follow me boy oil recipe four thieves vinegar Catholic Style Holy Water A Holy Water Ritual Black Salt Recipe: Road Opener BLOCKBUSTER formula.

Blockbuster Mojo Bag Spell Get a red or yellow flannel mojo bag and fill it will blockbuster herbs — Master of the Woods, Five-Finger Grass,Mint, John the Conqueror, and Lemon Grass, dressed it with Block Buster Oil. On your petition paper, write these verses: you must write it in your own hand. Blockbuster Candle Spell One of my personal favorite workings in hoodoo is unblocking magic. This Blockbuster Candle Spell is an easy but effective one. The purpose of a Blockbuster Spell is to get rid of the blocks and draw in abundance and success to you. The Hoodoo Truth: Exodus Oil I came upon this years back and I guess it's finally time for me to inform people. When it comes to spiritual oils, or should I clarify the names of them, different folk use different names for the exact same type of oil. "Block Buster blows apart blockages and obstacles that have been thrown in front of you. If you have been thwarted, held down, sent back, closed off, or made to stop in your tracks, now is the time to blow apart the rocks and boulders in your road and make a path where there was none!".

Almond oil- absorbs easily and has a sweetness to it which lends itself well to love and comanding blends Safflower oil- lighter than olive oil, safe for body and food Extra virgin olive oil- common and good for skin and hair but can cover aromas and feels greasy on skin. it is good for healing and blessing. Blockbuster, Van Van, Uncrossing, Road Opener -- What's the Difference? Many hoodoo formulas are related to one another, sometimes very closely. Some formulas, Lovers formula versus Love formula, are just manufacturer specific names for what is essentially the same product or at least a product meant to get the same result.. Oil recipes abound, but very little is written about the process of making magickal oils. An oil evaporates more slowly than something water or alcohol based. It stays liquid and active longer once exposed to air. Oils also have a long shelf life without the need for absolutely sterile conditions.Continue reading.

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